It is the normal tendency of men to pay less attention to their health issues than women. In addition to that, men have the tendency to risk more in life, drinking more alcohol along with using tobacco, not doing regular check-up with doctor. Many of the health issue associated with men can be easily controlled by taking less stress, doing some moderate exercise, making a healthy food habit and taking some natural supplement to satisfy your deficiency and to get the benefits of vitamins, anti-oxidant, minerals, fibres, fatty acids when you don't get enough nutrients from the diet alone. That may help prevent and manage some chronic diseases like heart problem, diabetes, obesity, brain disorder, depression, mood swing, sexual problem, cancer and even early death.

Some of the health problems associated with mens is brain fog, nervousness, anxiety, increased or decreased heart rate, infertility, decrease sex drive, muscle weakness, sudden weight gain, blurred vision, puffy face. Brain fog usually affects your ability of thinking, and you might feel disorganized and confused and unable to put your thoughts together. It is usually caused by the nutrient deficiency, over consumption of sugar, chronic stress lack of proper sleep. These days, depression, anxiety, stress is very common, and that affects person to focus in day to day work. It might also make you feel loss of interest and enjoy activity and low level of energy. Hormonal imbalance can make you feel tired all the day, feeling constipated, gaining weight without any reason, pain in muscle. Lack of nutrients or vitamin B12, may make you feel tired, muscle pain, tingling sensation in legs and feet. Stroke or Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in men, worldwide. It is huge global health issue, so it is important to keep you heart healthy and blood pressure under control.

Cardiovascular problem associated with men’s health are chest pain (Angina), coronary artery problem, shortness of breath. The cause of the heart problems are high blood sugar and unhealthy cholesterol level, stress, smoking. Arthritis is the joint inflammatory problem, which might affect one or more that one joint in men. Most common arthritis known to us is Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The range of the symptoms might vary from person to person. But, the common symptoms are joint stiffness, joint pain, redness surrounding the affected area, decrease in the flexibility of the joint. Arthritis usually affects, knee, hips, finger tips, toes. High uric acid (Hyperuricemia) problem is one of the common issues associated with men. It is associated with risk of gout and kidney stone. Gout is caused by the accumulation of the urate crystal in the joint. High uric acid is mostly related to stress, over-weight, genetic constituent, excessive alcohol consumption, and high protein rich food (Pork, red meat, mushroom, cauliflower, fish and dried beans) consumption. Kidney stone is caused by the deposition of minerals and salts inside kidney. Different kind of kidney stones is calcium stone, Cystine stone, Uric acid stone. Usually stones are formed from concentrated urine, allowing minerals to crystallize and stick together. Passing kidney may be quite painful, when it starts moving from kidney towards urethra. Some of the symptoms of the kidney stones are sharp pain in side and back of the ribs, pain in groin, pain and burning sensation during urination, bloody urine, cloudy and foul smelling urine. Testosterone is one of the sex hormone. Low testosterone can affect low sperm count, it also affect the deepening of voice, hair growth, development of muscle and bones in men. Low level of testosterone is also associated with erectile dysfunction; reduce sex drive, reduction in the amount of semen production, weight gain and mood swing. All these might affects in the low desire of sex that will ultimately lead to trouble with fertility. Gynecomastia is atypical breast enlargement in men; it might affect one breast or both. It is usually cause by hormonal disbalance in men. Gynecomastia may not be physically harmful to anyone, but it can be emotionally distressing and take a toll in your self-esteem.

So, these are the reasons why you should built and maintain strong health to fight against numerous chronic health issues like heart problem, diabetes, sexual problem, kidney disorder, depression as well as from other infectious diseases. You can boost your over-all health naturally by eating more plant-based food, taking natural supplement, consuming healthy fat in your diet, using limited sugar, staying hydrated, doing moderate exercise and getting enough sleep.

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