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Constipation is the condition characterized by infrequent bowel movement and hard to pass the stool. BISOLAXTM is a super supplement designed to reduce your problem associated with constipation manage your bowel movement and to get rid of toxic nitrogenous waste product from your body, besides lowering the risk of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, stress urinary incontinence.

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Our gut’s happiness defines our general wellbeing. Constipation occurs when the bowel movement becomes irregular and less frequent and passing tool become difficult. Sometime constipation can become serious with pain, blood in stool and may last for more than three weeks. Some of the other symptoms of constipation are stomach cramp, nauseous, feeling bloated. Constipation is one of the most common complain associated with gastrointestinal problem. Constipation can affect at any age, during pregnancy, older age people, not consuming high fiber content food, certain neurological and digestive disorder and taking certain medication. Constipation arise when the colon in our body absorbs too much of water and make the waste product dry, hard and difficult to push out of the body. During constipation, food actually moves slowly through the digestive tract and thus gives more to colon to absorb more water from the digested food. Some of the cause of the constipation are not drinking plenty water, stress, smoking, consuming large amount of alcohol, gluten containing food, consuming large amount of milk and dairy products, consuming red meat, fast foods.

Constipation can also lead to other health problems like tear in the inner lining of the anus due to the dry and hard stool, swollen and inflamed veins of the rectum, fecal impaction, damage of the pelvic floor muscles from the strain of bowel movement, these muscles help control urinary bladder also. There is also slight risk of infection associated with constipation that might occur during passing out of the waste product through existing wound in the rectum and colon.

Supplement may be helpful to relieve from constipation. It may help to pass out the stool by drawing water into the intestine and by speeding up the movement of the waste product through the colon. Our perfect blend natural ingredients will help you to relieve from your constipation and pain associated with it.


Cassia angustifolia (Calcium Sennosides 20%) is one of the stimulant laxatives, helps to increase the movement of the intestine. It also supports healthy digestion. It is used for chronic and episodic constipation. Sennosides aids in more water absorption into the intestine and cause contraction of the large intestine.

Triphala extract is one of the ancient ayurvedic remedy for constipation. It is one of the effective laxative and it improves bowel movement and improves overall body’s strength. Triphala have both nutritional and blood and liver cleansing action. Triphala has noteworthy positive effect on constipation.

Cuminum cyminum (Jeera extract) act as the natural laxative, high fibre content of cumin helps to enhance the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Cumin have a good anti-oxidant property and also help the body to fight the effect of stress. It also helps to increase the release of the bile from the liver. Cumin is rich in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic property.

Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Indian Cuisine for ages. It helps to promote gentle and regular bowel movement and hence prevents from chronic indigestion, discomfort in the upper digestive tract, gas and flatulence. It gives relief against constipation besides it also work well as antacid. 

Black salt contains adequate amount of potassium, helpful for controlling muscle function and thus aids to reduce muscle cramp. It is known as a great laxative helps to clean up the digestive system and furthermore it is a natural detoxifier helpful to flush out all the toxins from the body. It alleviates excess acids in the stomach too.

Zingiber officinale (Ginger oil Co2 extract) is also known as the “Warming Spice”, it enhance the body temperature and speed up the sluggish digestion. Ginger helps to process the food and ease bowel movement.

Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera extract) which contains anthraquinones, comes with the property of natural laxative, it also helps to reduce inflammation of the digestive tract, supports healthy bacteria in the gut. Aloe vera increase the water content of the intestine and thus soften the stool to pass through rectum. 

Plantago ovate (Psyllium husk) is a bowl-forming laxative, it soaks up water in the gut and makes bowl movements much easier without increasing flatulence.

Ferula assa-foetida (Hing) besides promoting proper digestion, helps in regular bowel movement, and gives relief from chronic gastrointestinal disorder.  It is also known to balance hyperactive digestive, and helps to cleanse intestinal flora and remove stagnant waste from the digestive system. 


Assist in Gentle and Regular Bowel movement

Aids in proper digestion

Reduce the problem of acidity, gas and flatulence

Support healthy Gut Bacteria

Veg/Non Veg Veg
Pack Size 1 X 60 CAP
Form CAP
Usage Timings As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily, preferably with your meal or consult your healthcare provider.
Container Type Pet Bottle
Serving Size 700mg
Short Uses Reduce your problem associated with constipation, besides lowering the risk of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, stress urinary incontinence.
Type of supplementary Nutraceutical
Flavor NA
Composition Ajwain, Senna Extract (20%), Aloe Vera, Psyllium Husk, Triphala, Black salt, Asafoetida, Jeera Extract, Ginger oil
Food Preference NA
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